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Woodland, pathway along the sea, medieval villages that is the setting for your cycling adventure...

A cycling holiday in Molise

Woodland, pathway along the sea, medieval villages that is the setting for your cycling adventure

In the south of Molise a cycling holiday means the quality of sport and the enjoyment of your holiday. Green flatlands, sweet hills, cultivated fields, streams of water, beautiful rare landscapes with attractive medieval towns, castles and fortifications all this will complete your itinerary.
With this extreme variety of environments and landscapes the south of Molise is recommended not only for those passionate cyclists but also for those who enjoy off road mountain biking which will allow you to move freely on the dirt roads, steep uphill climbs and breathtaking descents. This will be the occasion to immerse yourself into nature and the past, running the transhumance route and following the antique sheep tracks. This small region offers diverse itineraries for cyclists which will help guide you across a variety of cultures and traditions of Molise, offering the opportunity to taste the typical flavors of the local cuisine.

The Hotel Meridiano can offer these services for  those whose passion is cycling:

  • A guide at your request
  • Safety area for bikes
  • Laundry service for technical clothing
  • Packed lunch in morning
  • Cool down massage on request

Discovering the south of Molise on two wheels

Itinerary I. From Termoli to Vasto marina taking in the fresh smell of pinewood and eucalyptus.
When leaving Termoli going in a Northern direction before your eyes you will notice the fascinating scenery of the coast of the Adriatic, after traveling North along the coast for 12.5 km you will come to a crossroad and the town of Petacciato with its marina. Looking to your right you will enjoy a picturesque view and pleasant smell of pinewood which lays alongside the highway 16, the smell of pinewood will stay with you until you reach Montenero Marina where you can take a break and visit the tourist port. Getting back on your bike you can then peddle as far as Vasto marina which is popular for its beaches and attractions. This bike ride is a fairly easy one and is mostly on flat terrain with a total of 30km, this ride is perfect for those who like to peddle slow but constant. If on your way back you are tired you can always travel 5km down the highway 16 to the train station of Vasto- San Salvo where a regional train will bring you and your bike back to Termoli, but do check the times of the trains before leaving.

Itinerary II. Termoli to Petacciato discovering Valle del Sinarca.
This is an unforgettable excursion from Termoli to Petacciato via the Sinarca Valley and is a simple journey across 30km of flat terrain, you need to head North on the sea front until you reach the tower Saracena, then turn left at the roundabout next to the tower Saracena and cycle for 800m till you come to a junction, take the turning for Guglionesi and Montecilfone, following this course it unwinds in the bottom of the valley where you can admire the fields of sunflowers and grain, then at the crossroads for San Giacomo degli Schiavoni and Petacciato you should turn Right for Petacciato SP112. At this point you will be climbing a not so steep hill for 5km until arriving at a roundabout, you then follow signs for Petacciato marina and then head towards the sea front. You will notice this beautiful view of the Adriatic from a high, looking down. Then continue heading towards Petacciato marina and highway 16, every bend has a great panoramic view not to be missed, once arrived at a set of traffic lights turn Right in the direction of Foggia travelling down the Adriatic coast back to Termoli with the view and smell of the sea.

Itinerary III. A tour of the towns originally ''arbereshe''.
Leaving to discover the antique towns originally “arbereshe”. Only a short distance from the coast there a group of towns founded by the Albanian population around the year 1500, the Albanians of that time fled from the ottoman invasion and settled down founding these little towns. To reach the internal towns there are two options: you can choose a shorter  way of 80km long with 650m of elevation gain, or a longer way with a total of 120km with 1200m of elevation gain.

The shorter route 80km with a difference in altitude of 650m.
Leaving from Termoli heading south you will reach Campomarino and quickly after Portocannone, continuing on this road you will reach San Martino in Pensilis and Ururi, when you arrive at the crossroads for Larino and Termoli following the road for Larino and heading for its town centre where you will have completed half the journey, 39km. From here you will reach the crossroads for Campobasso and Termoli on the Bifernina, continuing to the crossroads for Montecilfone and Guglionesi where you will take the turning for Guglionesi. You will then have a nice easy downhill ride to the town of San Giacomo degli Schiavoni 183m above sea level. From there pedaling back to termoli should be a breeze.

The Longer route 120km with a difference in altitude of 1200m
This longer route takes a little more experience and stamina to complete, the start of this route has the same stops as the shorter route. From Termoli you reach the town of Campomarino, then Portocannone, San Martino in Pensilis, and Ururi. Then you reach the crossroads for Larino, Termoli heading towards Larino. This routes is the same as the shorter route until you arrive at the Bifernina, when you arrive at the crossroads Campobasso /Termoli and Montecilfone/Guglionesi, at this point the longer route deviates towards Montecilfone which passes Palata and arrives at Tavenna the highest point of the course (475m above sea level), then leaving Tavenna and heading down towards Montenero di Bisaccia (270m), until arriving at the crossroads San Salvo, Petacciato, following the road for Petacciato and continuing towards the roundabout of Sinarca , you will realize you are back in Termoli.