Termoli and surroundings

From the charm of the coast to the archeological site of the Alto Molise


Between history, art and traditions

Termoli is a picturesque town overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Its ancient village overhanging the sea, breathtaking views and fine sand, make it one of the most beautiful villages of italy according to the rankings of several national magazines.

The ancient village, renamed by the hinabitans of Termoli “paese vecchio” (old village) is a treasure chest of architectural gems. Walking among its streets we find the narrowest alley of europe, the Cathedral in the romanesque style of puglia and the svevian castle “Castello Svevo” of the norman period.

Termoli is also  known for the excellente seafood cuisine. Fresh fish is the master together with simple and genuine raw materials: a real treat for the palate.
Who does not love seafood,you will appreciate the typical dishes of the rural tradition. There are many typical products of molise, like the white truffle, the caciocavallo cheese of Agnone, the cured meats (the most famous is the ventricina) and the famous pampanella.

In Termoli, august is the month ofr the nightlife. The highlight of summer is patronal festival, in honor of San Basso. Between sea procession, fireworks and bonfires on the beach, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed from the marine atmosheres and the cheerfulness typical of a tourist–oriented holidaydestination.

Starting from Termoli, you can visit during the day archeological sites of great historical value: the amphitheatre of Larino, the sannitic theatre of Pietrabbondante, the Ancient Roman City of Altilia and the National Paleolitic museum of Isernia.

Termoli e dintorni. Il Molise.

Termoli and Tremiti Islands

Isole Tremiti

Termoli enjoys a strategic geographic position: 3 hours from rome and 2 hourse from Naples is the closet boarding for Tremiti Islands. The pearl of the Adriatic Sea are infact reachble in a little more than an hour thanks to daily connection from the port. The archipelago consists of 5 small islands, of which only 2 are inhabited: San Domino and San Nicola. The islands were formerly known as Diomedee, by diomedes, homeric hero who according to the legend found there burial. The diomedea is also a sea bird that, especially in the evening on the island of San Domino, enchants visitors. But what characterizes the islands is a crystal clear sea, unpolluted and rich in fauna: a real charm for the lovers of diving.

At the Hotel Meridiano you can buy the tickets for boarding directly at the reception and avoid long lines at the harbour ticket offices.

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