Cycletourism in Molise

Nature trails among the sea, noods and medieval villages


Nature trails among the sea, noods and medieval villages

The Hotel Meridiano is bike friendly and is a reference point in Molise for cycletourism since 2011.

In lower molise, cycletourism means quality for sport and pleasure of the holiday. Green plains, rolling hills, cultivated fields, water courses, landscapes of rare beauty, picturesque medieval villages, castels and fortifications, will be the backdrop to your itineraries.

With its extreme variety of environments and landscapes, the lower molise offers not only to enthusiasts of cycletourism but also to lovers of the off road that riding the mountain bike can range on routes dirt, steep climbs and breathtaking descents. It will be the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and in the past following the transumance routes and retracing the “ancient tratturi”. The small region offers several itineraries on two wheels that will lead you through the culture and traditions of molise offering you the opportunity to taste the typical flavors of local cuisine.

The Hotel Meridiano has thought of services tailored for lovers of the two wheels:

  • Cycling guides on request
  • Store for your bike
  • Laundry service for technical clothing
  • Packet lunch in the morning
  • Recovering massages on request
Cicloturismo in Molise - Mountain bike
Cicloturismo in Molise - hotel

Discover the Lower Molise on two wheels


From Termoli to Vasto Marina, breathing the smell of pines and eucalyptus

Starting from Termoli and going north, will open before you a fascinating scenery of the adriatic coast. Along the north promenade, adjacent to the beach of Sant'Antonio, after 12.5 kilometers you will arrive at the crossroads for Petacciato Marina. On your right the colors and the scents of the pine forest that flanks the Road 16 that
will keep you company until the arrival at the Marina di Montenero. Here you can make a stop at the touristic port and then get back in the saddle and pedal to Vasto Marina, a lively tourist center full of attractions and entertainment. The route so far is simple and entirely flat, covers a total of about 30 kilometers and is  ideal for those who love to enjoy a gentle bike ride. If it feels like too hard to face the road back,you will find 5 kilometers from Vasto Marina, on highway 16, the station of Vasto-San Salvo where a regional train will take you back, together with your bicycle, to Termoli. Learn about train times before you leave.


Cicloturismo in Molise - tratturo molisano


From Termoli to Petacciato, along the valley of Sinarca

It is an excursion from unforgettable sensations that will take you from Termoli to Petacciato crossing the Sinarca Valley. The ride, pretty simple, covers a route of about 30 kilometers and consists of mainly from flat stretches. Starting from Termoli walk along the north promenade and continue to the Saracen Turret at the height of the Sinarca Torrent. At the roundabout turn left and pedal again for 800 meters, at the junction follow the sign for Guglionesi and Montecilfone. The route unfolds in the valley floor where you can admire the plains and fields cultivated with wheat and sunflower. At the junction for San Giacomo degli Schiavoni-Petacciato turn right to petacciato, sp112. At this point there is a gentle climb that will keep you for about 5 km. At the roundabout follow the sign for Petacciato Marina and from there continue towards the sea: the enchanting scenery of the adriatic seen from above with its bright colours, will repay you with the hard work to get here. Continue to Petacciato Marina, the gentle descent towards the highway 16 will be a pleasant discovery of landscapes and views that will surprise you at every turn. Now at the traffic light, turn to right direction Foggia. Traveling along the stretch of the adriatic that will bring you back to Termoli, you will be accompanied constantly by the sight and smell of the sea.



The tour of the countries of origin “arbereshe”

Set off to discover the ancient villages of origin “arbereshe”. Not far from the coast there is a constellation of villages founded by the albanian population around 1500. The albanians of that time were in escape from their homeland as a result of the pressure and invasions of the Ottoman Empire. To reach the countries of the interior you can choose a short itinerary of 80 kilometers with a difference of 650 meters, or a longer itinerary, which covers a total of 120 kilometers and provides a difference in level of 1200 meters.

The short route of 80 kilometers with a vertical drop of 650 meters.

Starting from Termoli, south direction, you will reach in a short time Campomarino and soon after Portocannone. Continue to San Martino in Pensilis and Ururi and, when you are at the junction for Larino and Termoli, continue to Larino. Arrived in the village you will have covered about half of the tour, that is about 39 km. From here you reach the Campobasso-Termoli junction on the Bifernina highway and continue to the junction to Montecilfone-Guglionesi where you will take the direction for Guglionesi. From there it will be easy to walk a pleasant descent and reach the village of San Giacomo degli Schiavoni, 183 meters above sea level. Pedalling to Termoli will feel like a breeze.

Long route of 120 kilometers with a height difference of 1200 meters.

The longest route requires more effort and training. The initial stages of the route are basically the same of the shortest lap: from Termoli you go to Campomarino , then Portocannone, San Martino in Pensilis, Ururi, junction for Larino-Termoli and you get to Larino. The long path retraces the indications of the short one up at Bifernina, it touches the junction Campobasso-Termoli and the junction Montecilfone-Guglionesi. At this point, the long route turns towards Montecilfone, passes by Palata and arrives in Tavenna , which is the most high with its 475 meters above sea level. Leaving behind Tavenna then descend towards Montenero di Bisaccia, 270 meters above sea level and you arrive at the crossroads San Salvo-Petacciato, you continue to Petacciato stopover, go up by Petacciato, continue up to the roundabout of the Sinarca and return to Termoli.

Cicloturismo in Molise -itinerario arbreshe
Cicloturismo in Molise - pale eoliche
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