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Going on vacation in September pays off. Here are the benefits

Going on vacation in September pays off. Here are the benefits

The September sea offers countless advantages: the beaches are less crowded, the more pleasant temperatures, the heat and the heat typical of the full summer give way to a mild climate and a pleasant breeze. For those who are looking for pure relaxation from a holiday, September is definitely the most suitable month to choose to leave.

Are you not convinced? Let's find out the 5 reasons to go on vacation in the low season


1 - Relaxation guaranteed

Traffic, confusion and files everywhere (at the bar, at the restaurant) bother you? Well, you won't find them in September. Forget them! In all seaside resorts such as Termoli, September rhymes with relaxation and peace: our beaches are less crowded, children will be free to play and let off steam their imagination on the sand and parents can finally enjoy the sun or have a drink on the shore to the sea, in complete tranquility. Our hotel has an equipped beach and offers customers a play area dedicated to the little ones, to the delight of mom and dad.


2 - Pleasant temperatures

The heat and Caribbean temperatures, which not everyone can bear, give way to the September breeze and a mild and pleasant climate. September is therefore the ideal month for long walks without risking insolation. The seafront of Termoli offers exceptional views, honored by numerous national magazines: the ancient village overlooking the sea looking south, the Majella in the north-west and the Tremiti islands in the north-east, perfectly visible when the sky is clear and clear of clouds.


3 - Lower prices

Going on vacation in September is cheaper than in August and, especially for those with a family, it is a big advantage. Why not take advantage of it then?


4 - Excursion to the Tremiti Islands without crowds

Termoli has the great advantage of offering connections to the Tremiti Islands active all year round. July and August are almost prohibitive months to visit them and it is always better to book well in advance, especially on weekends. In September, however, the tourist flows decrease significantly and you can choose to visit the Tremiti even at the last minute. For those who are not very familiar with high water, it is possible to stop on the only beach on the island of San Domino, super crowded in high season. Speaking of the Tremiti Islands, the Meridiano hotel offers its customers the opportunity to purchase tickets for boarding directly at the reception, without having to go to the port in advance


5 - Crystal clear sea

The September sea has unique colors, the water is fresh and on average more transparent than in August, so as to make it difficult to identify the border between sky and sea. When the wind is calm and only a pleasant breeze blows, you are faced with an enchanting spectacle.

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